A safe haven to escape for awhile, where “the art of the Happy Hour is a Lifestyle”…meet like minded souls from all over this “Big Round Ball” and offer comments, share adventures, experiences, photos or perhaps Great Happy Hour secrets…. as to location or exotic , specialty foods or drinks or really raunchy drinking songs…that we really love deep down inside and quite simply, join our mission to…..help keep Summertime going and tanlines showing for as long as possible….no matter where you live!
"Hi...Charlie here...helping to keep the "Oldies" alive and the beer cold! Thanks for stopping by! We speak "Happy Hour" here, so if you "speaka our language," come on in and leave your footprints (comments & experiences) in the sand....and always remember to party safe and HAVE FUN!....Oh Barmaid, we'll have another round here! Cheers!"